Amritsar, India

This page is all about the places i have seen in Amritsar-Punjab I will start with Amritsar, the golden city. I will also give you some tips about where to stay, eat and how to travel to mountains, Dharmshala ( Dalai-Lama Residence ) and other important places in Punjab. I will also give you an exact information about Indo-Paki border (Wagah Border) ceremony and how to reach the Wagah Border.

Amritsar is a small city, the city of golden temple which is very famous among the Sikh Religion.

I think the city and surroundings are beautiful. it has typical soul of Sikhs, warm and welcoming.

The first impression about the city, especially main road, can be noisy and stressful but you feel these in most of the cities of Northern India. So go to the small alleys, walk, explore, eat and always observe people. You will love the city.

Wagah Border (Indo-Paki border) which is famous with opening and closing ceremonies is about an hour by Tuk-Tuk or Taxi.

Golden Temple is not only famous with it’s amazing artitecture but also very relaxing temple, hang around with different people from everywhere in the world at lunch.

I will try to tell everything in Pages section , I hope you like it.



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