Delhi, India

Although a lot of travelers think about Delhi is a shit city, dirty, noisy and not friendly to foreigners, I find it beautiful, charming and very friendly. People Help you a lot. Transportation, lodging and also food are perfect. You hear the horns of vehicles every time but it's because of the traffic culture in the city. It's no different then any other country in the Arabic peninsula or Africa. Please just try to understand that the noise is related with the people communicating each other.

I stayed about a week in Delhi. It’s crowded, too much noise related with traffic but over all it was awesome:)

You can use hop on/hop off bus which is a very convenient way of seeing historical monuments and places. I did not use it, mostly walked around to feel the soul of the city.

Metro is the most convenient way to reach places however you may have to walk 1-2 kilometers after metro to reach the places. For example to go to Qutub Minar, you need to get off at Qutub Minar station and walk on a road about 2 kilometers.

Tuk tuk drivers are also everywhere around the metro exits, you can use them but please do not forget to negotiate. From Metro to Qutup Minar is around 60-70 Rupees, They may tell you that it’s only 30 rupees..That means they are going to stop by the Bazaar or shopping area, expecting you to do some shopping to get their commission:).. Just negotiate that you only wanna go to Qutub Minar and you don’t want to stop somewhere else.

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