George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Perfect combination of different cultures, Penang offers lots of amenities to it's visitors. I love those places in which you experience different cultures and religions living together. From monuments to Religious shrines, Beaches to Night life and Exotic beverages to a multi cultural Cuisine. Here is Penang my friends. Let's discover together:))

I was in Kuala Lumpur for almost 10 days and i was expecting a lot more related to food and culture, then somebody said that “Penang is the place you are looking for, Great diversity of culture, food and people” So here i am , I loved it and i extend my stay to do more research about food and culture in here.

Penang is a very big island on the northern tip of Malaysia. Even it has mostly Muslim culture, there are Chinese, Indians, Christian communities, Buddhists and some other small belief groups shape the cultural life of the island.

I am willing to show you this wide array of diversity of this island. As i always do I mostly did my daily trips by foot and did catch lots of photos when i see something interesting. I am going to share some of these photos and lots of reviews of different cuisine restaurants in the pages section.

PS: If you have further questions or comments you can use the comments section in here below, There are too many e-mails coming to my inbox. It seems that most of them rotate the same ideas, so i made a F&Q page which you can find in the Blog section in the main menu of the web site.


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