My style of traveling safe

Here is a list of safety tips which i gained a knowledge from my experience during my travels. Remember please that our life styles can be different , choices can be different but those are my rules ...

Everybody has their life and rules while travelling, I advice you to make a list about your rules. Keep refining the list, soon you will understand the travel safety on your side.

  1. I travel alone: During the trip i may meet with people, I may travel with them 2-3 days to share the cost and experience but this won’t be more than 2-3 days otherwise i start to get bored with the situation. So I travel alone, I don’t have to obey the others choices and rules.
  2. I always have cash with me: I use Dollars in most of the countries, except Europe. sometimes it’s hard to find an international bank to get money in rural areas so cash is a must for me:) …I normally take a small plastic (zip-lock ) bag. Put the money inside and save it in my socks, between the feet and socks.
  3. Yes i got robbed couple of times: During the robbery , you should be very calm, do everything the robbers tell you, give whatever they want. You can always recover money, credit cards, cell phone etc. but you may not travel again if you get stabbed or get hurt. I got robbed 2 times in Brasil, One in Colombia , One in Thailand. The thieves are very nice in Asia by comparing to South and Central America. In Brasil or in Colombia thieves work with groups. One is an escape driver, 3 to rob you , and one is taking care of the suspicious movements, police or somebody who may wanna help you. So they are 5-6 people in total. One of the famous tricks is that they pour an ink or some colored water on your clothes and saying that they wanna help you … They may wanna take you inside of any shop to rob you there. The other one is very basic , they put the gun on your face and ask for whatever you have. Either ways, try to be calm … give whatever they want. Don’t be a smart ass as they hate it in South America. Do not look them in the eye. Just look down, play the innocent guy role. That way they usually do not take all your valuables.
  4. I don’t use Taxi or I rather like to walk: Most of the taxi drivers cheat , it’s a well known fact. Even if its couple of Dollars, it makes me very angry. I also like to walk to see and observe peoples lives. In a taxi you don’t get too much idea about whats going on outside. I also like to use local transportation, such as bus and subway, you observe a lot and have an idea about the culture, have a great chance to compare the similarities and the differences with other cultures.
  5. Travel in lower classes in long distance routes: For example ; If you are traveling all India or any Asian country, you should not take the higher class tickets, you need to get basic sleeper class to observe and talk with people. You are not there to sleep all night long, you are there to learn more about culture and the way of living in that specific country. You may think it’s dangerous but actually it’s safer than being a target for the robbers in high price classes. I only take high class in specific short distance routes. The photo of this post is taken on a first class train to Machu Pichu in Peru.
  6. I am not a porter: I am a traveler, I do not carry more than 6 kg on my backpack. I usually take all my necessary stuff; laptop, cell phone and camera at first, then i fill my bag with two pairs of clothes, One pair must be thin , the other is thick textile. I usually choose the colored clothes. If I loose them in somewhere or its damaged, I get rid of it and simply buy another one. I am very sorry for all those people who carry 60-70 litres backpacks.
  7. Travel Insurance is a must: I have a life insurance which covers all my needs during my travels, I also have a premium miles card membership which has many features to support my medical needs during the travels. Ok you pay a little extra but you feel very safe while you are traveling. I am not taking the 15-20 euro short term travel insurance plans. If you read the terms&services on those plans you will understand that it does not cover some of the accidents such as dog bites (a Rotweiler tried to take a piece from my arm in Ukraine), Natural disasters (My hostel became a sinking boat during a heavy rain in Nicaragua)… Do not say that it would not happen to me , it may happen to everyone in everywhere… Just read the terms&services page behind your insurance package. Find the most appropriate travel insurance package for yourself
  8. To be continued:)